Le Grand Hermitage
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Come and walk into the vegetable garden with me, close your eyes, put out your hand. Inhale!
Now bite into the best tomato you have ever eaten. When was the last time you tasted anything similar?
- Probably the last time you were in the Med.
Tomatoes need sun, lots of it, they should be very red, misshapen, fragrant, sweet and juicy, they should drip down your shirt and taste of sunshine!
Food and drink is talked about in this area as the weather is talked about in UK. We are obsessed about it, and rightly so. All food supplied by us at Le Grand Hermitage is fresh, either straight from our garden, or from our local market. Fish, from the fishmonger, and meat from the butcher or farm, wine from the vineyards.
Wine, along with olives, is the main business in this area. The terroir is perfect for wine cultivation and many varieties of grape are grown here.
Some years ago, Languedoc wines were ridiculed and mostly quite fairly. So much wine of poor quality was produced that it contributed hugely to the “wine lake."
Nowadays wine producing is taken so much more seriously, and we are lucky to have fabulous reds, rosés and whites right on our doorstep.
Wine tours can be arranged for you from the villa, and wine tasting facilities are everywhere.
When you arrive you will find in your villa a picnic - in summer consisting of cheeses, pâtés, bread, oil, wine and fruit. In the autumn or winter this is substituted with a warming casserole.

Vegetarian? Don’t panic! France is not the greatest at providing vegetarian cuisine, in fact they often fail to understand the concept. However just let us know if you prefer vegetarian substitutes on booking, and we will adjust your picnic accordingly.

Our hens provide fresh eggs for your lazy breakfast by the pool. The line up from left to right, Madame Bovary, Marie Antoinette, Brigitte Bardot - and Oscar!

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