Le Grand Hermitage
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"There are times when parenthood seems nothing but feeding the mouth that bites you." Peter de Vries

Le Grand Hermitage offers only child free holidays.

Don’t get us wrong - we have nothing against children, we have four of our own, plus grandchildren!
We recognise there is a time when you need a break from your children, or other peoples’ children. Time to recharge, to relax, to appreciate what you have, and what you may want in the future, to be on your own.

We promise you will hear only birds, bees, cicadas, hens, rustling leaves, and the occasional tractor. You will eat only freshly prepared food and drink good wine.


For those of an athletic turn of mind there are lots of hills. You can go from top to bottom of most of them by hang glider, white water rafting, canoe, bicycle, horse or just plain Shanks' pony. At the bottom you can get to Lake Salagou and sail, pedalo, wind surf or just plain swim. Also within easy reach is the blue Mediterranean Sea with sailing, sand castle building and sunbathing.
For the gourmands and gourmets there is a great selection of restaurants, local bars and cafés from the simplest to 3 Michelin star, with lots of good honest reasonable priced local food. You can practice your own culinary skills with ingredients from the market. The wine route can be an all-consuming adventure on its own. The quality in recent years has improved enormously, and just a little persistence can find the gems to compare with the best of the more classic regions.

Historians can find many fascinating castles, monuments, churches, Roman ruins and pre-historic sites. They range from the Cathar heresy in the south, to local dinosaur footprints and cave paintings further north.

Art and culture beavers can find astounding international exhibitions of all aspects at surprisingly small galleries and museums. Similarly international performers of all musical bents can be found at intimate concert venues all over the region.

People-watchers and ambience imbibers can satisfy themselves in almost any village, small town and, yes, Montpellier too. Just sit in the local bar with a coffee or pastis and watch the world go by.

We will be happy to give you guidance about whatever will make your holiday best for you.


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